Tweed Towing

Academy Towing handles the Tweed towing area. From our dispatchers to our managers each and everyone of us has a job to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s important our staff treats each and every customer as if they were their own Mother or Father. Many who live in the Tweed towing area know our employees and are able to call them by name. We treat all our clients in the Tweed towing area, part of Quinte Township as family. You need our help we are there for you.
We don’t close at Academy Towing whenever and whatever day it is, your part of our family, you need us to be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is our commitment to you. We have a large immaculately maintained fleet of trucks ready at all times.

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About Us

Academy Towing offers efficient and effective towing and recovery services when your vehicle needs roadside assistance. Academy Towing has been proudly serving the Quinte Towing area since 1990.