Brighton Towing

Academy Towing is noted for their specialized towing. Do you live in the Brighton towing area? Then you’ll find Academy Towing will be your greatest asset when it comes to towing, accidents, keys locked in your vehicle, stuck in the snow or your car won’t start. No problem whatever the challenge Academy Towing is up for it. We’re continually given tasks testing the skills of our trained professional operators, each and every task is unique and we see it through together.
Academy Towing in the Brighton towing area is also part of the Quinte township towing area. In the years we’ve been in the Brighton towing area our team has learned and saw just about everything. We’re not just a towing company we’re a family of trained certified drivers. Understanding your situation and making it easier for you is who we are. We take pride in our work, delivering exceptional service in a trustworthy and professional manner.

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About Us

Academy Towing offers efficient and effective towing and recovery services when your vehicle needs roadside assistance. Academy Towing has been proudly serving the Quinte Towing area since 1990.