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Not only do vehicles find themselves stranded so do motorcycles. During the spring, summer and fall motorcycles are a major source of transportation for many drivers in the Quinte area. Motorcycles are no different than vehicles when it comes to breakdowns or accidents. Academy Towing in the Quinte township which includes the cities and towns of: Kingston, Belleville, Trenton, Shannonville, Frankford, Brighton, Tweed, Napanee as well as the 401 running east and west along the Quinte district. If necessary especially for long hauls, Academy Towing has motorcycle towing trailer enclosures which ensures safe transportation of your motorcycle. Our motorcycle towing service is available throughout Quinte township and surrounding areas.
For a motorcycle enthusiast the worst thing to see is your motorcycle being towed down the road on the back of a tow truck. Before this happens we can offer a few things you may want to check before calling a tow truck. Use your senses and think back to what happened before you landed on the side of the road. Did your motorcycle sound or feel out of sorts? This will also help the tow truck driver if you have to resort to that option. Look over the entire motorcycle for leaking fluids, loose fasteners or missing parts. Also be aware of the smell, things like transmission fluid, and burning clutches, plastic and oil all of which smell bad. Check your battery make sure everything’s ok in that department. Check the battery by turning on the key, if the starter turns over normally your battery is ok. If there’s a clicking sound or no sound at all, check your battery connections. With any luck it may just be a loose connection.
Gas is next on the list, take the cap off the gas tank. Switch to the reserve tank if your gas is not clearly at the top of the main tank. Motorcycles also need air to run, if possible pull out your air filter, check for dirt and debris. Try starting your motorcycle without the air filter if it starts and the nearest place to get a new filter is not to far away you can decide to walk the distance or ride the distance. Most would risk driving it with caution. After trying these options and your motorcycle still won’t start, at least you know you’ve tried different options before you call a tow truck.

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Academy Towing offers efficient and effective towing and recovery services when your vehicle needs roadside assistance. Academy Towing has been proudly serving the Quinte Towing area since 1990.