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Academy Towing cares about your safety and well being. This is why we’ve created this page.

There are those who rely on a vehicle roadside assistance programs, warranty programs or a CAA program. Unfortunately this sometimes gives us a false sense of relief when our vehicle breaks down needing roadside assistance. These roadside assistance programs seem to take forever if their not in the area where you break down.
Driving can be difficult at the best of times that alone when weather, vehicle failures and other drivers present unbearable circumstances. Academy Towing will be there to help you deal with any difficult situation. We understand what your going through, we hopefully use words of comfort knowing at a time like this your nervous and scared. This may be your first encounter where you need a tow truck.
Academy Towing suggests a few things to ease the worry of such breakdowns. An emergency kit should always be in your vehicle. Taking the emergency kit a little further Academy Towing suggests a few more safety items adding them to your personal safety kit. Assembling your own emergency and safety kit allows you to have things needed in the event of a breakdown. Here are a few suggestions of items to keep in your vehicle. You may think some are over the top, but being prepared can help when situations are at their worst.

1. Charged cell phone if possible
2. Warm blanket.
3. Multipurpose utility tool.
4. First-aid kit aspirin, antiseptic wipes, band-aids, adhesive tape, gauze pads, antiseptic cream or ointment.
5. Bottled water.
6. Foam tire sealant.
7. Battery cables at least 10 ft.
8. Waterproof flashlight and spare batteries.
9. Snow shovel.
10. Rags.
11. Duct tape. Universal fix-it solution.
12. 6000 lb tow strap.
13. Small fire extinguisher.
14. Rain poncho.
15. Tire gauge to periodically check the spare tire.
16. Non-perishable snacks like protein bars.
17. Reflective warning triangles 3 placed 50 feet apart warning traffic.
18. Gloves warm mitts.
19. Cat litter works great for tire traction.
20. Windshield ice scraper.
21. Homemade windshield ice remover 2 parts rubbing alcohol, one part water.
Keep it in a marked spray bottle great for all your winter ice needs.
This seems like a high statistic but CAA says one in three motorists encounters a roadside breakdown such as a mechanical problem, dead battery, or flat tire. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, problems can still happen. No one plans to have their vehicle towed. CAA tows nearly 12 million vehicles to a repair shop every year.

Academy Towing offers a few words of advice in the event of a breakdown.

1. If your on a highway if possible note the nearest mile marker or off ramp.
2. Take note of your surroundings as well the direction your heading in.
3. Be able to explain what happened before you had to pull over, engine problems, flat tire etc.
4. Know where you want to be towed too, specially if it’s a place 100km from where you are.
5. Ask for a price quote and what type of payments do they accept.
6. Always put your 4 way hazard lights on if possible.
7. For your safety stay in the vehicle till Academy Towing arrives.
8. Try not to stop on hills or blind curves this will put you and other drivers at risk.
9 Make sure traffic is clear raise the hood of your vehicle if it’s overheating, raise the trunk
10. During the winter season keep your windows and doors closed to retain the heat.
There’s that dreaded winter and your car is stuck in the snow. Here’s a few suggestion on how to get your vehicle unstuck.
First clear the tailpipe of any snow. With snow in the tailpipe it prevents you from getting fresh air in the vehicle. The blockage creates dangerous fumes to fill your vehicle.
See what kind of snow your stuck in, is it a mound of snow from the snow plough? If your vehicle collided with a large snow bank, it would be much harder. Worse case scenario is if your vehicle is stuck in the ditch. Then most likely you need to be towed out.
Another trick in the snow is driving forward and backwards, not fast try slowly each way rather than having your tires going too fast and your vehicle ends up turning around and around on solid ice. In turn you may be able to gather enough momentum to get out of the snow. As well as back and forth try turning your wheel to gain momentum.
Another option is digging yourself out. A shovel is a great emergency object for your emergency winter kit. Make sure you toss the snow away from the wheel that’s stuck so it doesn’t shift back in front of your tires. If your not stuck in a safe spot stay in the vehicle and wait for the tow truck.
If you have a chain or trailer hitch, maybe another driver would be kind enough to give you a pull. Put your vehicle in neutral and have him slowly pull your vehicle out.
If none of these options are available not to worry Academy Towing is on their way.

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